21.05.2013 | 10:51 PM
Many wonder if they have a deiodinase defect. Do you?

Serum T3 levels are remarkably stable throughout the adult life of a healthy individual. Even during iodine deficiency there is marked decrease in serum total T4, with reciprocal elevation in serum TSH, but serum T3 levels remain stable. These, and other observations, suggest that maintaining a stable serum level of T3 is a biological imperative. […]

01.05.2013 | 11:35 PM
Brown fat, thyroid hormone, obesity and you.

Fat tissue, or adipose tissue, has diverse hormonal, structural, and metabolic roles and can even be thought of as an organ in itself. The constituents of the adipose organ include two different types of fat cells, white and brown adipocytes, which demonstrate considerable differences in terms of their physiologic function. White adipocytes store energy efficiently […]